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Paga+Tarde is a financial entity belonging to the Digital Origin group that carries out all its operations through Pagantis, an entity regulated by the Bank of Spain.

Considered as a pioneer company, at national level, in instant consumer credits, it has extensive experience in the financial sector and means of payment.

Its offices are located in Madrid and Barcelona and have more than 100 employees who are responsible for ensuring the security and trust of customers. 

Who can pay with Paga+Tarde?

Any person over 18 years of age, with DNI (National Identity Document) or with NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) and who has a national bank card.

You do not need any document such as proof of income or salary, just have your national bank card at hand.

How do I pay my fees?

First instalment

The first instalment will be charged to you after entering your bank card details in the last step of your financing application.

Next instalments

Paga+Tarde will automatically charge your monthly instalments to the card you provide during the contract.

Can I advance my pending payments?

Of course! From Paga+Tarde you can amortize your pending payments at any time and finalize your financing. If you advance all the instalments, the total interest to be paid decreases, paying only the interest in relation to the time you have had the financing.